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Manganese compounds and Water Oxidation Catalysis

  • "Fluorimetric Detection of Phosphates in Water Using a Disassembly Approach: A Comparison of FeIII‐, ZnII‐, MnII‐ and MnIII‐salen Complexes"
    D. Winkler, S. Banke, Ph. Kurz;
    Z. Anorg. Anal. Chem., 646, 933 (2020)
    Special Issue: Dedicated to Professor Manfred Scheer on the Occasion of his 65th Birthday

  • "Water-Oxidation Electrocatalysis by Manganese Oxides: Syntheses, Electrode Preparations, Electrolytes and Two Fundamental Questions"
    J. Melder, P. Bogdanoff, I. Zaharieva, S. Fiechter, H. Dau, Ph. Kurz; 
    Z. Phys. Chem. 234, 925 (2020)
    Special Issue: DFG Priority Program SPP 1613

    "Enhanced water oxidation performances of birnessite and magnetic birnessite nanocomposites by transition metal ion doping"
    G. Elmacı, G. Özgenç, Ph. Kurz, B. Zumreoglu-Karan
    Sust. Energy Fuels, 4, 3157 (2020)

    "Carbon fibre paper coated by a layered manganese oxide: a nano-structured electrocatalyst for water-oxidation with high activity over a very wide pH range"
    J. Melder, S. Mebs, Ph. A. Heizmann, R. Lang, H. Dau, Ph. Kurz;

    J. Mater. Chem. A, 7, 25333 (2019)

  • "Cosputtered Calcium Manganese Oxide Electrodes for Water Oxidation"
    K. A. Cooley, J. Ohms, L. Huang, Ph. Kurz,

  • Electrocatalytic water oxidation by MnOx@C: in-situ catalyst formation, carbon substrate variations and direct O2 / CO2 monitoring by membrane-inlet mass-spectrometry"
    J. Melder, W. L. Kwong, D. Shevela, J. Messinger, Ph. Kurz;
    ChemSusChem 10, 4491 (2017)

  • "Evaporated manganese films as a starting point for the preparation of thin-layer MnOx water-oxidation anodes"

  • "Light- or oxidation-triggered CO release from [MnI(CO)33-L)] complexes: reaction intermediates and a new synthetic route to [MnIII/IV2(μ-O)2(L)2] compounds"
    U. Sachs, G. Schaper, D. Winkler, D. Kratzert, Ph. Kurz;
    Dalton Trans. 45, 17464 (2016)

  • "Water oxidation catalysis by using nano-manganese ferrite supported 1D-(tunnelled), 2D-(layered) and 3D-(spinel) manganese oxides"
    G. Elmaci, C. E. Frey, Ph. Kurz, B. Zümreoğlu-Karan;
    J. Mater. Chem. A 4, 8812

  • "Biomimetic Water-Oxidation Catalysts: Manganese Oxides"
    Ph. Kurz;
    Top. Curr. Chem. 371, 49 (2016)

  • "Water Oxidation Catalysis by Synthetic Manganese Oxides with Different Structural Motifs: A Comparative Study"
    C. E. Frey, Ph. Kurz;  
    Chem. Eur. J. 21, 14958 (2015)

  • "Water Oxidation Catalysis by Birnessite@Iron Oxide Core–Shell Nanocomposites"
    G. Elmaci, C. E. Frey, Ph. Kurz, B. Zümreoğlu-Karan;
    Inorg. Chem.
    54, 2734 (2015)

  • "Screen-Printed Calcium–Birnessite Electrodes for Water Oxidation at Neutral pH and an “Electrochemical Harriman Series”"
    Seung Y. Lee, D. González-Flores, J. Ohms, T. Trost, H. Dau, I. Zaharieva, Ph. Kurz;
    7, 3442 (2014)

  • "Complexes of First Row d-Block Metals: Manganese"
    Ph. Kurz, in:

    Molecular Water Oxidation Catalysis
    , A. Llobet (Ed.), Wiley (2014).

  • „Water-oxidation catalysis by synthetic manganese oxides – systematic variations of the calcium birnessite theme“
    C. E. Frey, M. Wiechen, Ph. Kurz
    Dalton Trans.
    43, 4370 (2014)
    (part of the Themed Issue „New Talent: Europe“)

  • „Biogenic Manganese–Calcium Oxides on the Cell Walls of the Algae Chara Corallina: Elemental Composition, Atomic Structure, and Water-Oxidation Catalysis“
    A. Schöler, I. Zaharieva, S. Zimmermann, M. Wiechen, A.-M. Manke, Ph. Kurz, Ch. Plieth, H. Dau
    Eur. J. Inorg. Chem.
    2014, 780
    (part of the Cluster Issue „Water Oxidation Chemistry“

  • "Electronic Structure and Spectroscopic Properties of Mononuclear Manganese(III) Schiff Base Complexes: A Systematic Study on [Mn(acen)X] Complexes by EPR, UV/Vis and MCD Spectroscopy (X = Hal, NCS)"
    A. Westphal, A. Klinkebiel, H.-M. Berends, H. Broda, Ph. Kurz, F. Tuczek
    Inorg. Chem.
    52, 2372 (2013)

  • "Layered Manganese Oxides for Water-Oxidation: Alkaline Earth Cations Influence Catalytic Activity in a Photosystem II-like Fashion"
    M. Wiechen, I. Zaharieva, H. Dau and Ph. Kurz
    Chem. Sci.
    3, 2330 (2012)

  • "Biomimetische Oxide für die Wasseroxidation"
    Ph. Kurz, M. Wiechen,
    Nachr. Chemie
    60, 24 (2012)

  • "A Manganese Oxido Complex Bearing Facially Coordinating Trispyridyl Ligands – Is Coordination Geometry Crucial for Water Oxidation Catalysis?"
    H.-M. Berends, A.-M. Manke, C. Näther, F. Tuczek and P. Kurz,
    Dalton Trans
    41, 6215 (2012)

  • "Water Oxidation Catalysed by Manganese Compounds: From Complexes to 'Biomimetic Rocks" 
    M. Wiechen, H.-M. Berends, Ph. Kurz,
    Dalton Trans
    41, 21 (2012)

  • "Investigation of Light-Triggered Carbon Monoxide Release from Two Manganese PhotoCORMs by IR,
    UV/Vis and EPR Spectroscopy", 
    H.-M. Berends, Ph. Kurz,
    Inorg. Chim. Acta.
    380, 141 (2012)
    (part of the Special Issue „Inorganic Chemistry: The Next Generation“)

  • "K10 montmorillonite supported manganese catalysts for the oxidation of water to dioxygen"
    H.-M. Berends, Th. Homburg, I. Kunz, Ph. Kurz,
    Applied Clay Science
    53, 174 (2011)
    (part of the Thematic Issue "Clay-based Catalysts and Catalysis")

  • "Calcium Manganese Oxides as Oxygen Evolution Catalysts: O2 Formation Pathways Indicated by 18O-Labelling Studies"
    D. Shevela, S. Koroidov, M. M. Najafpour, J. Messinger, Ph. Kurz,
    Chem. Eur. J.
    17, 5415 (2011)

  • "Synthetic manganese–calcium oxides mimic the water-oxidizing complex of photosynthesis functionally and structurally"
    I. Zaharieva, M. M. Najafpour, M. Wiechen, M. Haumann, Ph. Kurz, H. Dau,
    Energy Environ. Sci.
    4, 2400 (2011)

  • "Calcium Manganese(III) Oxides (CaMn2O4·xH2O) as Biomimetic Oxygen-Evolving Catalysts"
    M. M. Najafpour, T. Ehrenberg, M. Wiechen, Ph. Kurz,
    Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.
    49, 2233 (2010) (selected as a „Hot Paper“)

  • "Two tetranuclear Mn-complexes as biomimetic models of the oxygen evolving complex in Photosystem II. A synthesis, characterisation and reactivity study"
    G. Berggren, A. Thapper, P. Huang, Ph. Kurz, L. Eriksson, S. Styring and M. F. Anderlund, 

    Dalton Trans. 2009, 10044

  • "Oxygen evolving reactions catalysed by manganese-oxo-complexes adsorbed on clays"
    Ph. Kurz,
    Dalton Trans. 2009, 6103

  • "Formation of stoichiometrically 18O-labelled oxygen from the oxidation of H218O mediated by a dinuclear manganese complex – a mass spectrometry and EPR study."
    K. Beckmann, H. Uchtenhagen, G. Berggren, M. F. Anderlund, A. Thapper, J. Messinger, S. Styring, Ph. Kurz,
    Energy Environ. Sci. 1, 668 (2008)

  • "Oxygen Evolving Reactions Catalysed by Synthetic Manganese Complexes."
    S. Styring, K. Beckmann, G. Berggren, H. Uchtenhagen, M. Anderlund, A. Thapper, J. Messinger, Ph. Kurz, in:
    Photosynthesis. Energy from the Sun, J. F. Allen, E. Gantt, J. H. Golbeck (Eds.), Springer (2008).

  • "Redox reactions of a dinuclear manganese complex - the influence of water."
    Ph. Kurz, M. F. Anderlund, N. Shaikh, S. Styring, P. Huang,
    Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2008, 762

  • "Oxygen evolving reactions catalyzed by synthetic manganese complexes: a systematic screening."
    Ph. Kurz, G. Berggren, M. F. Anderlund, S. Styring,
    Dalton Trans. 2007, 4258

  • "EPR Investigations of Synthetic Manganese Complexes as Bio-mimics of the Water Oxidation Complex in Photosystem II"
    P. Huang, Ph. Kurz, S. Styring,
    Appl. Magn. Res. 31, 301 (2007)


Molybdenum Compounds and Hydrogen Evolution Catalysis

  • "Proton transfer reactivity of molybdenum oxysulfide dianions [Mo2O2S6]2– and [Mo2O2S5]2–: The role of Coulomb barriers"
    A. Baloglou, M. Pritzi, T. F.Pascher, J. C.Hartmann,M.-L. Grutza, M. Ončák, Ph. Kurz, M. K. Beyer;
    Int. J. Mass Spectr., doi: 10.1016/j.ijms.2021.116558 (2021)

  • "Structure of Nanocrystalline, Partially Disordered MoS2+δ Derived from HRTEM - An Abundant Material for Efficient HER Catalysis"
    E. Ronge, S. Hildebrandt, M.-L. Grutza, H. Klein, Ph. Kurz, Ch. Jooss;
    Catalysts, 10, 856 (2020)

  • "Structural Properties of Gas Phase Molybdenum Sulfide Clusters [Mo3S13]2–, [HMo3S13], and [H3Mo3S13]+ as Model Systems of a Promising Hydrogen Evolution Catalyst"
    A. Baloglou, M. Oncǎk, M.-L. Grutza, Ch. van der Linde, Ph. Kurz, M. K. Beyer;
    J. Phys. Chem. C, 123, 8177 (2019)

  • "Hydrogen evolution catalysis by molybdenum sulfides (MoSx): are thiomolybdate clusters like [Mo3S13]2− suitable active site models?"
    M.-L. Grutza, A. Rajagopal, C. Streb, Ph. Kurz;
    Sustainable Energy Fuels, 2, 1893 (2018)
    (selected for the journals "
    2018 HOT manuscripts collection")

  • "Molybdenum sulphides on carbon supports as electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution in acidic industrial wastewater"
    M.Kokko, F.Bayerköhler, J.Erben, R.Zengerle, Ph.Kurz, S.Kerzenmacher
    Applied Energy, 190, 1221 (2017)

  • "Electrochemical and mARC-Catalyzed Enzymatic Reduction of para-Substituted Benzamidoximes: Consequences for the Prodrug Concept “Amidoximes instead of Amidines”"
    E. Bauch, D. Reichmann, R.-R. Mendel, F. Bittner, A.-M. Manke, Ph. Kurz, U. Girreser, A. Havemeyer, B. Clement; ChemMedChem
    10, 360 (2015)

  • "Reduction and Protonation of Mo(IV) Imido Complexes with depe Coligands: Generation and Reactivity of a S = 1/2 Mo(III) Alkylnitrene Intermediate“
    A. Dreher, S. Meyer, Ch. Näther, A. Westphal, H. Broda, B. Sarkar, W. Kaim , Ph. Kurz, F. Tuczek
    Inorg. Chem.
    52, 2335 (2013)

  • "MCD Spectrum of the Mo(V) Complex [Mo(O)Cl3dppe]: C-Term Signs and Intensities for Multi-Determinant Excited Doublet States"
    A. Westphal, H. Broda, Ph. Kurz, F. Neese, F. Tuczek,
    Inorg. Chem. 51, 5748 (2012)


Metalloporphyrins and Artificial Photosynthesis

  • "Künstliche Photosynthese - Besser als die Natur?"

    H. Dau, Ph. Kurz, M.-D. Weitze; Springer (2019)

  • "Künstliche Photosynthese. Forschungsstand, wissenschaflich-technische Herausforderungen und Perspektiven" 
    acatech – Deutsche Akademie der Technikwissenschaften, Nationale Akademie der Wissenschaften Leopoldina, Union der deutschen Akademien der Wissenschaften (2018)
  • "A precursor method for the synthesis of new Ce(IV) MOFs with reactive tetracarboxylate linkers“

    S. Smolders, A. Struyf, H. Reinsch, B. Bueken, T. Rhauderwiek, L. Mintrop, Ph. Kurz, N. Stock, D. E. De Vos;
    Chem. Commun. 54, 876 (2018)

  • SnIV Metalloporphyrin/CoIII Complex: An All-Abundant-Element System for the Photocatalytic Production of H2 in Aqueous Solution"
    L. Mintrop, J. Windisch, C. Gotzmann, R. Alberto, B. Probst, Ph. Kurz;
    J. Phys. Chem. B 119, 13698 (2015)

  • A water-soluble tin(IV) porphyrin as a bioinspired photosensitiser for light-driven proton-reduction
    A.-M. Manke, K. Geisel, A. Fetzer, Ph. Kurz
    Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.
    16, 12029 (2014)
    (part of the Themed Issue „Photosynthesis: from natural to artificial“)

  • "Artificial Photosynthesis for Solar Fuels – an Evolving Research Field within AMPEA, a Joint Programme of the European Energy Research Alliance"
    A. Thapper, S. Styring, G. Saracco, A. W. Rutherford, B,. Robert, A. Magnuson, W. Lubitz, A. Llobet, Ph. Kurz, A. Holzwarth, S. Fiechter, H. de Groot, S. Campagna, A. Braun, H. Bercegol, V. Artero
    3, 43 (2013).
  • "Bioenergy-Chances and Limits"
    German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina (2012)
  • "Photochemical Reduction of CO2 - Variations of the Rhenium Diimine System"
    Ph. Kurz, B. Spingler, R. Alberto;
    Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 15, 2966 (2006).


Coordination Chemistry for (Radio)Pharmaceutical Applications

  • "Optimized synthesis and indium complex formation with the bifunctional chelator NODIA-Me"
    Ch. Weinmann, J.P. Holland, T. Läppchen, H. Scherer, S. Maus, T. Stemler, H. Bohnenberger, S. Ezziddin, Ph. Kurz, M. D. Bartholomä;
    Org. Biomol. Chem., 16, 7503 (2018)

  • "Cell-specific and nuclear targeting with [M(CO)3]+ (M = 99mTc, Re)-based complexes conjugated to acridine orange and bombesin"
    N. Agorastos, L. Borsig, A. Renard, P. Antoni, G. Viola, B. Spingler, Ph. Kurz, R. Alberto;
    Chem. Eur. J. 13, 3842 (2007)

  • "Tricarbonyl[tris(pyrazol-1-yl)methanesulfonato-(kappa)3N,N',N'']rhenium(I) acetone solvate"
    P. Kunz, Ph. Kurz, B. Spingler, R. Alberto;
    Acta Cryst. E63, m363 (2007)

  • "Attempted abstraction of the halogenides in (HNEt3)[Re(CH3CN)2Cl4] and crystal structures of cis-[Re(CH3CN)2Cl4] × CH3CN and cis-[Re(NHC(OCH3)CH3)Cl4]"
    P. C. Kunz, Ph. Kurz, B. Spingler, R. Alberto;
    Z. Anorg. Allg. Chem. 633, 2753 (2007)

  • "Complexes with the fac-{M(CO)3}+ (M= 99mTc, Re) moiety and long alkyl chain ligands as Lipiodol surrogates"
    M. M. Saw, Ph. Kurz, N. Agorastos, T. S. A. Hor, F. X. Sundram, Y. K. Yan, R. Alberto;
    Inorg. Chim. Acta 359, 4087 (2006).

  • "Very Small and Soft Scorpionates: Water Stable Technetium Tricarbonyl Complexes Combining a Bis-agostic (κ3-H,H,S) Binding Motif with Pendant and Integrated Bioactive Molecules"

    L. Maria, A. Paulo; I. C. Santos, I. Santos, Ph. Kurz,B. Spingler, R. Alberto;
    J. Am. Chem. Soc. 128, 14590 (2006).


  • "S-Functionalized Cysteine: Powerful Ligands for the Labelling of Bioactive Molecules with Triaquatricarbonyltechnetium99m ([99mTc(OH2)3(CO)3]+)"
    D. R. van Staveren, P. D. Benny, R. Waibel, Ph. Kurz, J.- K. Pak, R. Alberto;
    Helv. Chim. Acta 88, 447 (2005).

  • "Cyanide-bridged vitamin B12- cisplatin conjugates"
    S. Mundwiler, B. Spingler, Ph. Kurz, S. Kunze, R. Alberto,
    Chem. Eur. J. 11, 4089 (2005)

  • "The Chemistry of the fac-[Re(CO)2(NO)]2+ Fragment in Aqueous Solution"
    Ph. Kurz, D. Rattat, D. Angst, H. Schmalle, B. Spingler, R. Alberto, H. Berke, W. Beck;
    Dalton Trans. 2005, 804.

  • "Vitamin B12 as a Ligand for Technetium and Rhenium Complexes"
    S. Kunze, F. Zobi, Ph. Kurz, B. Spingler, R. Alberto;
    Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 43, 5025 (2004).

  • "[TcI(CN)3(CO)3]2- and [ReI(CN)3(CO)3]2-: Study Cases for the Binding Properties of CN- and CO"
    Ph. Kurz, B. Spingler, T. Fox, R. Alberto;
    Inorg. Chem. 43, 3789 (2004).

  • "Mixed Cyano-Carbonyl Complexes of Rhenium and Technetium for Labelling Biomolecules"
    Ph. Kurz, B. Spingler, R. Alberto;
    in: Technetium, Rhenium and Other Metals in Chemistry and Nuclear Medicine, M. Nicolini, U. Mazzi (Ed.), SGEditoriali Padova (2002).



  • „Trendberichte 2013 – Bioanorganische Chemie“
    K. Ray, Ph. Kurz
    Nachr. Chemie
    62, 246 (2014)

  • „Trendberichte 2012 – Bioanorganische Chemie“

    Ph. Kurz, Nachr. Chemie 61, 247 (2013)




  • Keynote speaker, International Bunsen-Discussion-Meeting "Fundamentals and Applications of (Photo)Electrolysis for Efficient Energy Storage", Taormina, Italy, April 2019.

  • Invited speaker and panelist, acatech am Dienstag / 12. Münchner Klimaherbst, Munich, Germany, October 2018.

  • Invited speaker, 1st European Congress on Photosynthesis Research (ePS-1). Uppsala, Sweden, June 2018.

  • Invited speaker, 1st Ulm Symposium on Solar-Driven Chemistry (SOLCHEM). Ulm, Germany, October 2017.

  • Oral presentation, 2nd International Solar Fuels Conference (ISF-2). San Diego, USA, July 2017.

  • Invited speaker, Innovationsforum Energiewende, Betriebsrätekonferenz, Essen, Germany, May 2017.

  • Oral presentation, 1. Jahrestagung der GDCh-Fachgruppe Chemie&Energie. Jena, Germany, September 2016.

  • Oral presentation, 13th European Conference on Bioinorganic Chemistry (EuroBIC13). Budapest, Hungary, August/September 2016.

  • Oral presentation, Umeå Renewable Energy Meeting. Umeå, Sweden, February 2016.

  • Invited speaker, 17th Iranian Inorganic Chemistry Conference. Tabriz, Iran, September 2015.

  • Invited speaker, 250th American Chemical Society National Meeting. Boston, USA, August 2015.

  • Oral presentation, 1st International Solar Fuels Conference (ISF-1). Uppsala, Sweden, April 2015.

  • Invited speaker, SolarFuel15 - International Conference on Light Driven Water Splitting Using Semiconductor Based Devices. Palma de Mallorca, Spain, March 2015.

  • Invited speaker, 12th European Conference on Bioinorganic Chemistry (EuroBIC12). Zurich, Switzerland, August 2014.

  • Oral presentation, 20th International Conference on Photochemical Conversion and Storage of Solar Energy (IPS-20). Berlin, Germany, July/August 2014.

  • Invited speaker, Dechema Diskussionstagung "Anorganisch-Technische Chemie". Frankfurt, Germany, February 2014.

  • Invited speaker, GDCh Wissenschaftsforum Chemie. Darmstadt, Germany, September 2013.

  • Oral presentation, 16th International Conference on Biological Inorganic Chemistry (ICBIC16). Grenoble France, July 2013.

  • Oral presentation, Umeå Renewable Energy Meeting. Umeå, Sweden, February 2013.

  • Invited speaker, Gordon Research Conference Photosynthesis. Davidson, USA, July 2012. 

  • Invited speaker, 2nd International Photosynthesis Workshop - Natural and Artificial Photosynthesis, Bioenergetics and Sustainability. Singapore, June 2012. 

  • Invited speaker, Solar Fuels and Artificial Photosynthesis: Global initiatives and opportunities, London, United Kingdom, May 2012.

  • Invited speaker, Gordon Research Conference Renewable Energy: Solar Fuels. Lucca, Italy. May 2012.

  • Oral presentation, GDCh Wisenschaftsforum Chemie. Bremen, Germany, September 2011. 

  • Oral and poster presentation, Challenges in Renewable Energy (ISACS4). Boston, USA, July 2011.

  • Oral presentation, EICC-1 First EuCheMS Inorganic Chemistry Conference. Manchester, United Kingdom, April 2011.

  • Oral presentation, TOTAL Catalysis Club Meeting 2011 - Catalytic conversion of biomass / Photocatalytic water splitting. Brussels, Belgium, January 2011.

  • Oral presentation, 15th GDCh Wöhler Conference on Inorganic Chemistry. Freiburg, Germany September / Oktober 2010

  • Oral presentation, IICC12 – 12th Iranian Inorganic Chemistry Conference. Rasht, Iran, September 2010.

  • Oral presentation, Workshop of the CASE-Helios Cooperation: Co-catalysts in Photochemical Fuel Production. Lyngby, Denmark, May 2010.

  • Oral presentation, Workshop of the European research project SOLAR-H2. Berlin, Germany, March 2010.

  • Oral presentation, International Conference Molecular Science for Solar Fuels. Sigtuna, Sweden, November 2009.

  • Poster presentation, Gordon Research Conference Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms. Galveston, USA. March 2009.

  • Oral presentation, EUROBIC9 - 9th European Biological Inorganic Chemistry Conference. Wrocław, Poland, September 2008.

  • Oral presentation, Workshop of the European research project SOLAR-H. Friiberghs Herrgård, Sweden, May 2007.

  • Poster presentation, Gordon Research Conference Renewable Energy: Solar Fuels. Ventura, USA. January 2007.

  • Poster presentation, 16th International Conference on Photochemical Conversion and Storage of Solar Energy [IPS-16]. Uppsala, Sweden, July 2006.

  • Oral presentation, 8th International Conference on Solar Energy and Applied Photochemistry [SOLAR’05]. Luxor, Egypt, February 2005.

  • Poster presentation, 2nd International Symposium on Bioorganometallic Chemistry (ISBOMC’04). Zürich, July 2004.

  • Participant of the WE- Heraeus Seminar: Water Oxidation in Photosynthesis. Bad Honnef, Germany, November 2003.

  • Poster presentation, Sixth International Symposium on Technetium in Chemistry and Nuclear Medicine. Bressanone, Italy, September 2002

  • Oral presentation, 35th International Conference on Coordination Chemistry (ICCC 35). Heidelberg, Germany, July 2002. 

  • Poster presentation, Mineral Surface Reactivity - EuroConference on The Interaction of Mineral Surfaces with Organic and Inorganic Species in Aqueous Solution. San Feliu de Guixols, Spain, May 2000.


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